Get back in business – fast

After an incident or disaster, your people must be able to function when your business continuity plan is deployed. While companies spend substantial resources on recovering their technical infrastructure, many don't think about the workers who are needed to keep business processes running, and the access they need to phones, PCs, your applications, and perhaps the Internet.

Sungard Availability Services' Shared Workplace Recovery solution offers a standardized operating environment with comfortable space, x86 desktop and server hardware, printers and
fax machines, and advanced voice and data communications. Our access to the secure high-speed Sungard AS Global Network enables Sungard AS to address your voice and data requirements. Best of all, consistent infrastructure means that you can recover anywhere, and all that changes is the view outside the window.

Shared workplace recovery at a glance

Our Shared Workplace Recovery sites offer:

  • Standardized enterprise class desktop PCs
  • Extensive geographic coverage
  • Desktop Drive Imaging Service (DIS)
  • Lower cost per position
  • Scalability
  • Access to global infrastructure
  • Hundreds of seats, with overflow sent to alternate facilities
  • 6-13 weeks of use (depending on regional market requirements) with extended use available
  • Fast recovery capabilities
  • Customer Service/Billing to provide continued revenue
  • Call Centers to offer continuous service support
  • Can be combined with Dedicated Workplace to optimise your risk management and spend

Shared workplace recovery eliminates cost and risk

It is not uncommon for businesses to turn "spare" office space into a workplace recovery center, but this is a decision that results in both cost and risk. The cost is found in the capital expense necessary to set up and maintain the space. The risk comes when, after a while, the space is viewed as "unproductive" and is turned over to the latest project team or expanding staff, undercutting the space's ability to serve as a workplace recovery center. When a disaster or business interruption suddenly calls for the use of that space, it is found to be unavailable, with systems that are out of date due to lapses in maintenance.

Alternatively, some businesses elect to rent or lease space on a short-term basis if a disaster strikes, assuming that will eliminate both opex and capex costs. However, if the disaster has widespread effects, many companies in the area will be scrambling for any available space, causing prices to skyrocket. There is also the risk that space simply may not be available to recover the business, leaving operations in limbo.

Why Sungard AS?

Why Sungard AS for shared workplace recovery?

With over 5 million square feet of hardened, secure operations space at over 90 facilities, 10 mobile facilities staged in strategic locations and more than 40 mobile recovery units globally,
we're wherever you need us to be. We also offer cloud backup and managed recovery solutions, consulting, hot site and colocation products and services, plus continuity planning and crisis notification software. It's no wonder we have the longest track record in the industry of disaster recovery.