Organisations need disaster recovery for business resilience, but can’t always afford the setup and maintenance of a standby recovery site. 

In addition, 65 percent of organisations fail their own DIY recovery tests and only 6 percent of organisations meet their RTO/RPO objectives. Even leveraging shared, physical infrastructure components can’t match the efficiency of a cloud infrastructure. 

New secure cloud technology has also mitigated long-standing security concerns, enabling viable application recovery using an enterprise cloud environment. That’s why it’s time for you to consider Cloud-Based Recovery Services from Sungard AS.

Cloud-Based Recovery Advantages

  • Fully managed services
  • SLA-backed Recovery Time Objectives
  • Patented testing without impacting production
  • Seamless interconnects between Sungard AS cloud resources and other Sungard AS IT infrastructures
  • Enterprise-class cloud solution
  • Elastic on-demand scalability of networks, storage and compute capacity
    • Subscription-based OpEx model
    • Dedicated, shared, or hybrid infrastructure
    • Advanced data protection
  • Multiple availability options, enabling a tiered recovery strategy based on the business value of specific applications and data