Business resilience is the ability to anticipate risk, mitigate the impact and adapt to unforeseen change or adversity. Is your IT infrastructure resilience-ready?

With digital transformation moving more business processes to the web, IT resilience has never been so closely linked to business resilience. That’s why IT resilience has risen to be a top priority.

How do we know? More than 400 senior business leaders who took part in our recent resilience study told us. In fact:
98% of those surveyed said the importance of resilience has increased over the past two years

But with so many factors that can threaten the resilience of business operations today—from small disruptions to cyber threats and seismic disasters—respondents told us that resilience isn’t only more important, it’s harder to achieve:
70% have had business operations disrupted 6-10 times over the last five years

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You can read more on what senior business leaders are thinking and doing about resilience in our new white paper, Resilience Revealed.

In it, you’ll learn what survey participants reported as the leading causes and consequences of disruption, along with the roadblocks they face on the path to resilience. You’ll also hear about what respondents say is the biggest benefit of resilience and the role cloud can play.  

Knowing how other organizations are approaching and leading their resilience initiatives can help you chart your progress, identify potential pitfalls and plan a more successful strategy for achieving resilience.

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Business Resilience study conducted by IDG Communications on behalf of Sungard Availability Services, 2017. More than 400 business leaders participated in the research from across the US and Europe.