Data centers aren't your core business

Why not phase them out by leveraging colocation, DRaaS and cloud with an experienced provider?


Managing workloads running in data centers is costly, resource-intensive and increasingly complex. But when your IT staff is focused on just keeping the lights on, it’s hard to think about anything else — like growing your business and increasing market share. So reprioritize. Get out of the data center business altogether by partnering with a leader in cloud, colocation, and managed data center services.

Still not sure? Here's how to know when you're ready:

  • Insufficient provisioning of hosting platforms by application development/DevOps teams slows down deployment timelines.
  • Disaster recovery and high availability assets mostly sit idle in data centers but still require resources to maintain and update.
  • Time and resources spent managing data centers, paying for data center real estate, overhead and future capacity planning is limiting the
    ability for you to offer more “value-added services.”
  • CapEx expenditures exceed investment in OpEx solutions that scale up and down according to actual business and technology needs.


Data Center and Disaster Recovery Locations

Sungard Availability Services offers resilient, hardened data and recovery centers in 45 locations worldwide.