Have You Hit a Wall with Your Cloud Adoption

Not all clouds are created equal


Have you hit a wall with your cloud adoption? If so, you probably share many of the same obstacles most organizations face. You need to get out of managing infrastructure so your valuable IT resources can focus on delivering outcomes to your business. The world is moving at whirlwind pace and, in reality, no one receives a gold medal today for “keeping the lights on.” Instead, successful IT leaders are ones that have a proven track record of IT transformation, because IT is a critical part of a company’s overall success.

Private cloud adoption increased to 75% in 2018 from 72% in 2017.1

Not all applications are cloud ready. Often, legacy infrastructures (bespoke cards, physical servers, mainframes, i-Series) and demanding applications (home grown with no internal knowledge, regulated, high performance, highly secure) cannot move to a shared cloud. Yet companies still want and need the advantages of cloud for the remainder of their infrastructures and applications.

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