Organizations need the assurance of security and control over high-value, mission-critical data

    Gain Peace of mind from our Private Cloud solution to keep your business running all day, every day


    More and more organizations are using cloud, if not multiple clouds to support their growing needs. Today, public clouds are meeting the needs of many looking to gain speed to market, flexibility, and optimized costs.  However, they aren’t always the best choice for organizations with higher security, compliance, and control requirements.

    Leveraging a private cloud environment can provide businesses that desired secure control, and meet the compliance demands of their most regulated applications and data, while allowing them to capitalize immediately on performance and cost benefits.  In a multi-tenant private cloud environment, organizations can gain even further agility and scalability with the convenience of on-demand storage and compute, at a reduced cost, eliminating purchasing and provisioning delays.

    Sungard AS’ Private Cloud is built to scale with you at the pace you need to grow.  From self-managed to fully managed, and from multi-tenant through fully dedicated for your largest environments, we can tailor a solution that best meets your needs.  Hosted in our highly available cloud Connected Infrastructure Hubs, and supported by our industry leading expertise, we provide an SLA-backed solution that delivers the control and performance you need to run your business with confidence and ease.

    Features & Benefits

    • Flexibility. Quickly deploy the resources you need when you need them.

    • Manage Cost. Leverage the ease of subscription-based pricing with the ability to flex up through on-demand consumption.

    • Superior Resiliency. Integrated recovery and backup options to meet the breadth of your availability and recovery demands.

    • Tailored Performance. Choose from multiple storage tiers that allow you to optimize application performance.

    • Governance and Visibility. Control your entire environment from a single self-service portal and gain access to real-time performance reporting.


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    Consulting Services

    We can assist in defining your private and hybrid cloud requirements and strategy. By applying our cloud expertise and proven frameworks and methods we can design, build, and migrate you to your target Private Cloud environment and establish your ongoing operating model .

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