Tame the bear

At its best IT holds immeasurable power: offering a competitive advantage, enabling growth and playing a vital role in the market strategy of all organizations. Yet, at its worst it can be slow and unpredictable; prone to hibernation in times of limited investment and liable to lash out when placed under ​pressure.

For IT departments, keeping the bear in check is a challenge in itself. A challenge made all the more difficult when coupled with the wider business’ demand for digital first tools and services, such as increased mobile capabilities, cloud ​applications or enterprise communication platforms.

Ultimately, ‘taming the bear’ is not only about staying in control of your organization’s IT but also channelling its force to deliver your dream business outcomes. It is about making sure the CIO and IT department have the power to proactively adapt and change the organization’s technology to keep their business at the forefront of its market.

Our research* offers insight into the challenges currently facing organizations as they attempt to drive digital transformation** by bringing new technologies and tools to end users. By analyzing the attitudes of both IT decision makers and employees from the wider business, we have developed guidelines to help organizations make this continued evolution of IT a success.

Businesses are ready to reclaim control of their IT systems from the bear’s claws, bringing it back into the hands of senior management – this paper will show you ​​how…