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    DIY vs. managed services: What’s the best route for your cloud journey?

    The true value in cloud adoption comes from optimization. Regrettably, many organizations don’t know how to achieve this, leaving them struggling to plan for a future... Listen Now

    Advance to the cloud without abandoning your existing infrastructure

    The cloud computing market is expected to reach $832 billion by 2025. Despite the inherent benefits of the cloud, some businesses are reluctant to fully commit because it... Listen Now

    Market value of change: 5 principles of successful cloud-enabled transformation

    Organizations migrate to the cloud for countless reasons. But moving to the cloud just to move to the cloud shouldn’t be one of them. Listen Now

    How to prevent IT outages from disrupting your business

    Cloud services provider Fastly experienced an outage in June that knocked down websites such as Reddit, Twitch, Hulu, The New York Times, and more for nearly an hour.... Listen Now

    How the role of the CIO is changing post-pandemic

    COVID-19 has drastically altered the way businesses run and, in the process, completely reshaped the job description for CIOs. Chris Fielding, Chief Information Officer at... Listen Now

    Why it’s time to update your backup and recovery plan

    Most businesses treat backup and recovery as interconnected but separate initiatives with different technologies, processes and vendors for each. This can get them into... Listen Now

    Cloud Native and Cloud Agnostic: How To Achieve Both

    It’s possible to be both cloud native and cloud agnostic but getting there isn’t easy. Listen Now

    3 Pillars of Hybrid IT Success

    More and more enterprises are turning to hybrid IT, but many aren’t taking full advantage of their investment. Listen Now


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