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    Workplace Recovery Services

    Our Workplace Recovery service keeps your organisation up and running. Seamlessly switch into our environment and stay resilient, even during a disaster.

    From natural disasters to a global pandemic like COVID-19, threats to your organization abound

    It's not just high-profile risks: as our Disaster Landscape reports show, it’s often routine issues – such as IT or power – that cause the most damage. In the face of a global disaster, can you be sure your most critical people and processes remain resilient?


    Access to hardened, resilient facilities spanning the world’s leading business hubs

    Our Workplace Recovery service ensures your organization stays up and running. Through enterprise-grade equipment coupled with high-speed connectivity, in addition to amenities such as conference and rest areas, you can seamlessly switch into our environment – even amid the turmoil of a disaster.


    Our service is flexible

    We tailor our facilities to meet your specific recovery time objective (RTO) or compliance requirements. With three tiers of service, we can balance costs and risks at a level that suits you. And our global reach – unmatched in the market – allows us to offer alternative facilities in the event of a crippling, widespread disaster.

    Choose the right workplace recovery solution
    Whether you're looking for a multi-site 'near/far' solution, the reassurance of seamless roll-back to other locations, or the ability to knit physical and virtual processes during recovery, Sungard AS is one of the only providers that can offer a complete, interoperable recovery solution for every element of your business. Our options include:

    Available globally, shared and mobile (North America) recovery offers the most flexible and cost-effective means of keeping employees operational in a disaster.

    Syndicated space provides guaranteed access to a shared work facility. This bridges the gap between shared and dedicated space, while providing the same level of security at lower cost.

    Built to meet your regulatory and compliance requirements, and available immediately, this service is ideal for organizations with the most demanding RTOs and security requirements - and needing the highest levels of flexibility.

    100% available office space in dedicated suites, tailored to your precise requirements, and delivering the flexibility you require.

    Consulting Services

    Transitioning to an alternative workplace requires a well defined plan with services that are secured in advance. We can provide an effective Business Continuity Program with the data and business justification you need to determine your alternative workplace needs. Be prepared by leveraging our Business Impact Analysis and Risk Assessment (BIRA) and Business Continuity Strategy and Plan Development services.

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    Data Centre and Disaster Recovery Locations

    Sungard Availability Services offers resilient, hardened data and recovery centers in 45 locations worldwide.

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