A Managed Cloud Recovery Service for AWS

    March 21, 2016
    If you run some or all of your production applications in a cloud deployment model, you may worry about how an unexpected outage may impact on your business.

    Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers the infrastructure, orchestration and scalability to run a recovery solution, but without support, navigating your way around the AWS cloud environment can be a daunting prospect. However, with our latest managed recovery solution coming in Q2, you need worry no more!

    Sungard Availability Services' Recovery for AWS offering lives on AWS infrastructure so there is no hardware to buy or lease, no lower limit on the amount of data under protection and you pay only for recovery computing resources used at time of test or disaster.

    Most importantly, you have peace of mind that our skilled, specially trained AWS specialists will quickly get your business back online in AWS following an interruption.

    We believe the combination of the leading cloud computing platform in the world–AWS–coupled with Sungard AS' proven recovery expertise provides an attractive proposition.

    Recovery for AWS is just one of our many cloud-based recovery services that enable us to make good on our promise that whatever your infrastructure–physical, virtual or hybrid–we can work with it.

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