Being “Customer-Ready” for Success: Sungard AS Cloud Recovery – AWS

    November 14, 2018

    A few years ago, a renowned workplace consultant named Jay Forte wrote an article about hiring employees who are “customer-ready.” He says these are the people who deliver exceptional service in that ‘moment of relevance’ where inspiration, emotion and product availability meet to produce a spark. According to Forte, one of the best examples of a “customer ready” company is Build-A-Bear, the toy company that makes personalised stuffed animals based on each customer’s special story.

    But for companies looking to find the most resilient, robust technology to run their business, finding a “Build-a-Bear” type partner is a little more difficult. There are thousands of technology choices, from hardware to software to consultants and specialised apps. Not to mention that technology evolves at a lightning-fast pace, rendering it out-of-date within shorter and shorter timeframes.

    One thing organisations can do is check with their technology providers to find “customer-ready” partners – vendors who have already been tested and certified to meet their needs. At Amazon Web Services (AWS), for example, the work is already done through its Solution Space Partner program featuring partners who offer customer-ready solutions based on architectures validated by AWS.

    The newest member of this exclusive team is Sungard Availability Services (Sungard AS) with its Cloud Recovery – AWS solution to help companies transform their business resiliency posture. Sungard AS – which is also an APN (AWS Partner Network) Advanced Consulting Partner and an AWS Managed Service Provider (MSP) Partner Provider – delivers disaster recovery solutions, integrates relevant AWS services, and accelerates the ramp-up of new users.

    Why do you need a storage solution?

    Safeguarding your complex IT environment is critical to your organisation. Unexpected downtime can harm not only your business, but its reputation as well. If you have workloads on premises or stored in one region, regional outages or application corruption can greatly impact your operations. If you use an off-site recovery solution, recovery times can be slowed down by the need to physically retrieve the backed up data. If you currently lack the resources to replicate compliant workloads on the cloud in-house, your replication solution may end up lacking automation, making it cumbersome to manage and leaving some areas unprotected.

    Sungard AS’ Cloud Recovery – AWS solution was developed in collaboration with CloudEndure, another AWS Storage Competency Partner. This purpose-built solution addresses the needs of AWS and hybrid environments to replicate and recover critical data quickly, reliably, and cost-effectively. What’s more, Sungard AS is the only partner in this solution space with a Disaster Recovery solution, meaning companies can take advantage of an award-winning, 40+ year track record of successful disaster recovery for their own environments.

    How does it work?

    Highlights of the solution include:

    • Fully managed cloud recovery – AWS is a fully-managed solution, letting your team focus on your business initiatives, not the recovery
    • Short recovery times – Utilise a contracted recovery time objective (RTO) SLA of four hours for up to 250 workloads.
    • Cost-effective and scalable – Designed to grow with your business, this solution leverages AWS’ economies of scale to help keep costs down.
    • High resiliency – Leverage multiple AWS Regions for increased resiliency baked into your recovery solution for workloads already hosted on AWS

    What are the benefits?

    Benefits include being able to depend on a fully managed recovery solution, so you can focus your team on growing your business; shorter recovery times; being able to leverage the benefits of AWS to optimise your scale and spend; and improved resiliency through access to an AWS region within your design.

    If being “customer ready” means being able to deliver a customer experience that is tested and proven to produce successful outcomes, then Sungard AS is up to the challenge.

    Companies looking to bolster their storage for AWS cloud solutions can click here to request further engagement around the solution. Discover value from this solution by gaining access to AWS credits to support a Proof-of-Concept (POC) and consulting offers from APN Partners that include AWS co-investments. For more information, access the AWS Partner Network, or visit us at AWS re:Invent Nov. 26 – 30 in Booth #2614.

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