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    How to Thrive in the Cloud

    A contemporary politician once quipped, “Corporations are people, too,” in the final weeks of a hard-fought campaign. While his comments were controversial at the time, the... Learn More

    3 technology areas to focus your hiring in 2019 and beyond

    By James A. Martin Throughout 2019, expect to see a continuing tight labor market, with low unemployment and rising wages. The net effect for businesses? As in... Learn More

    Mind the Skills Gap: Match Made in IT Heaven?

    The hiring process would be so much easier if finding IT personnel was like matching on a dating website. Unfortunately, many candidates and employees lack the technical... Learn More

    Advice for graduates: Get certified, network, and other tech career must-dos

    Starting a career in technology is one way to ensure you’ll have to continually evolve. The technology transforming industries today might be obsolete tomorrow. But... Learn More

    Get set for GDPR

    By Sungard AS With the directive coming into force on 25 May next year, organisations need to prepare now if they are not to be in breach of the regulations. In just... Learn More

    Managing Risk and Mastering Change with IT Consulting

    As Senior Vice President of Consulting, Mike Threlfall talks about the role consultants can play in reducing risks and taking on the forces of change. Q: What IT trends... Learn More


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