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    Sungard AS Helps Support COVID-19 Research via Folding@home

    No one really knows the exact origin of the phrase “Necessity is the mother of invention,” but it is certainly not a new concept. Regardless of its origin, the concept is... Learn More

    Microsoft Ignite Conference Ignites New Perspectives on Blockchain Features

    Blockchains have become a topic of digital interest since the emergence of real-time ridesharing and crowdfunding began using “cryptocurrency” nearly a decade ago.... Learn More

    Lambda Formation: Rocket fuel for AWS CloudFormation

    Since the launch announcement in late 2014, Lambda has become one of the most popular and fastest growing services on AWS. With no infrastructure to worry about, there’s no... Learn More

    AWS Lambda Invasion in Big Data

    AWS Lambda(Lambda) compute service, built to automatically scale applications or backend services based on event-driven programming, can play a major role in... Learn More

    AWS Lambda: Taking the development world by storm

    Lambda, AWS’ server-less compute service, launched at AWS re:Invent 2014, is popping up everywhere and revolutionizing how applications are architected. Major League Baseball Learn More

    Beyond Spin Up: Best Practices for Managing Amazon Web Services Accounts

    Getting Started Initiating Amazon Web Services (AWS) appears simple enough: Create an account, spin up a few compute instances and let the magic and speed of AWS take care... Learn More

    Public Cloud Uno to Dos… It’s less about cost and more about speed to market

    During the early days of cloud computing–let’s call it “Cloud Uno” since Cloud 1.0 has already been used–several phrases were consistently used to describe it. Some of them... Learn More

    Containers NOW!

    The world of containers can be confusing. What do you really need to get started using containers today? Starting small can lead to big results. Containers are the new focus... Learn More

    Condensation: The missing link between CloudFormation and Lambda

    Condensation brings together two great services from AWS, CloudFormation and Lambda, by turning their parts into a composable project. In the case of Lambda, code (in a... Learn More


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