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    Creating a Multi-cloud Strategy: API Management and Application Refactoring

    When pursuing a multi-cloud strategy, you're turning nearly all your infrastructure into code. Doing so requires that you build a strong repository for... Learn More

    Creating a Multi-cloud Strategy: How to Combat Vendor Lock-in

        Vendor lock-in exists at all cloud tiers, but it increases as you move from infrastructure as a service (IaaS) to platform as a service (PaaS), and... Learn More

    Creating a Multi-cloud Strategy: How to Perform an Application Workload Placement Analysis

    Change can be scary. But if you're not willing to change, you can likely kiss innovation goodbye. Which is why you can't just look at the applications you... Learn More

    Why are launch day outages so common?

    Disney+ debuted with more than 500 movies, 7,500 TV show episodes … and more than 8,000 people unable to access the service. As Disney explained, “demand for... Learn More


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