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    Service Terms

    These service terms and conditions (“Service Terms”) provide the additional terms applicable to the services that you have ordered.

    To identify the specific Service Terms applicable to your Order, please reference the names within the “Service” column in the “Schedule Detail” table of your Order. Then, In the table below, select the Service Terms document that is the same name as shown in bold text (or the name immediately after the bold text) in the Schedule Detail, “Service” column of your order. Note: For Service Terms that are specific to the country of the Delivery Location, the document name will be followed by the country abbreviation (“CA” = Canada, “IE” = Ireland, “US” = United States).

    Sungard AS may amend the Service Terms from time to time by publishing such changes to this site. To view the Service Terms in a downloadable PDF format, please click the links below.


    Workplace Services

    General Service Terms