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    Remote work is here to stay. Here are the cybersecurity risks.

    Before companies institute work-from-home-forever plans, they need to ensure their workforce is prepared to face the cybersecurity implications of long-term remote work.... Learn More

    Critical Infrastructure Providers Need To Shape Up And Focus On Cybersecurity

    As threats of ransomware attacks and data breaches continue to be a top concern for companies, as well as President Biden, Senior VP of Global Solutions Engineering, Haim... Learn More

    Execs don't sound very confident about long-term network security in the WFH era

    As companies embrace long-term hybrid work operations, security challenges continue to arise. TechRepublic highlights findings from our recent survey with Pulse, revealing... Learn More

    10 Obstacles That Prevent Security Pros From Doing Their Jobs

    Cybersecurity teams encounter a variety of challenges that can prevent them from effectively and efficiently doing their job. Security experts, including Sungard AS’ Asher... Learn More

    How to evangelize Artificial Intelligence (AI) in your organization

    Having trouble getting people excited about the benefits AI can offer your organization? Industry experts, including Sungard AS CIO Chris Fielding, share 11 tips on how IT... Learn More

    Jobs Surge by 943,000 in July, Unemployment Rate Down to 5.4%

    Many businesses never expected or planned to have a large remote workforce, but the pandemic changed everything. Sungard AS CIO Chris Fielding chimes in on a recent U.S.... Learn More

    Hybrid work by the numbers: 14 stats to see

    Hybrid work has become one of the most talked about topics in the business world. The Enterprisers Project dives into 14 statistics that speak to the current state of... Learn More

    Ways to Build a Talented and Reliable Work-at-Home IT Workforce

    When the pandemic hit, IT leaders scrambled to ensure there would always be a way for teams to work together, regardless of their location. Chris Fielding, CIO at Sungard... Learn More

    Want to quickly recover from ransomware? Plan ahead

    Why does a growth mindset matter in the IT industry? Cliff Milles, lead technical recruiter at Sungard AS, discussed the top ten reasons IT professionals can benefit from... Learn More


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