For over 35 years, Sungard Availability Services (Sungard AS) has offered innovative ways to transform recovery. Now, specifically for Amazon Web Services (AWS), customers can experience the full capabilities of Sungard AS – including Operating System recovery, storage replication, off-site storage and automated recovery of protected workloads – as a fully managed, utility-priced service on AWS.

Cloud computing is a trend with no end in sight because it addresses customer requirements in a cost-effective way. For example, public cloud has driven down the cost of storage to as little as $0.01 per gigabyte. As a result of having access to these resources, organizations are innovating at a faster rate, adding more and more applications to the cloud, and creating more data sets. Explosive data growth has become the norm and traditional data protection strategies have struggled to keep up.

Dozens of cloud-based recovery options exist in the marketplace, most aimed at small organizations with limited data sets. Alternatives include a do-it-yourself approach that is best suited to large organizations. For example, looking at the leading public cloud provider, Amazon Web Services, there is an array of published tools and reference architectures that organizations can use to build their own specialized recovery plans on top of AWS. However, this causes many companies who want to leverage public cloud for backup and recovery in need of stronger guidance and alternatives as well as the assurance that it has been properly implemented and tested.