Antares operates a well-regarded syndicate at Lloyd’s that underwrites a diverse range of specialist risks – including property, casualty, marine and aviation – on a worldwide basis. Its vision is to provide clients and business partners with an efficient, effective service and a consistent approach to risk transfer. For this reason, it places great importance on sound business continuity provision and has a longstanding partnership with Sungard AS.

IT Manager Vicky Grimshaw explains, “In this day and age, we can’t afford not to have access to our in-house systems, email or intranet – without them we can’t agree or pay claims. Any downtime could reflect badly not only on our own reputation but also that of the Lloyd’s brand.”

Business challenge

Like most organisations today, Antares relies heavily on its ICT infrastructure and has minimal tolerance for downtime. In the City of London, a good reputation is everything so the firm needed to ensure that, whatever the disruption, it would be able to continue its business uninterrupted.


  • Workplace Recovery
  • Server Replication
  • Electronic Vaulting.