A simple, secure and integrated approach to managed AWS

The fast deployment and flexibility of the cloud makes it an ideal platform for launching and running new services. Add the scalability and innovative features of Amazon Web Services (AWS), and you have a solid foundation for continued innovation.

But where does the enterprise start? How will you handle AWS accounts? How will you address increasingly complicated security and compliance demands? Can this be accomplished in the face of sprawling cloud assets and the complexity of a hybrid environment?

With Managed Cloud – Amazon Web Services (AWS). This solution combines the advantages of industry-leading AWS with ongoing management and support from Sungard Availability Services (Sungard AS). As a result, your organization can have a less complex, more secure and integrated approach to cloud services.

But that’s not all: When you choose Managed Cloud Services for AWS, you can also have an integrated approach to recovery, because this solution is integrated with our award-winning recovery solutions

Here are some additional benefits:

Use a common toolset. A consistent toolset across your hybrid IT deployment gives you the ability to provision, view, access and manage your AWS and private cloud resources with a single set of credentials.

Ease management. Our AWS-certified experts provide operational support and manage the AWS environment for you – including architecture, deployment, monitoring and change control of your deployment. They also resolve incidents to keep critical applications and workloads up and running.

Enhance security and compliance. Partner with Sungard AS to achieve PCI compliance in AWS. Enforce global configurations, security policies and controls across every AWS account.

Deploy with confidence. Moving to AWS can bring many advantages to your organization. A trusted partner can ensure that you are making the right decisions for your deployment. Know that you are working with a partner that has been vetted to make those decisions. Sungard AS has achieved the Managed Service Provider designation from AWS.

Why Sungard AS?

Why Sungard AS for Amazon Web Services? 

Sungard AS is a trusted partner for both production and recovery services and is a leader in disaster recovery (DR). Since this Managed Cloud - AWS solution is fully integrated with our DR solutions, such as Cloud Recovery - AWS, you can benefit from a fully recoverable production environment, should disruption or disaster occur.

We can also help you align the right cloud services with the needs of specific applications and workloads, plan and carry out your migration plan, then help you manage the systems that make up today’s hybrid IT environment.