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    Airline IT outages: What’s the impact and what can be done?

    Over a third of travelers (34%) would not book with an airline again if they’ve experienced a major, non-weather related issue that severely altered their travel... Learn More

    Does M&A spell outage? What merging organizations need to know about IT resilience

    Mergers and acquisitions take time and energy. Take Virgin America and Alaska, for example. After buying Virgin America in 2016, Alaska has spent more than two years... Learn More

    Holiday outage outrage: Where scalability and load distribution come into play

    Once a year, Santa and his merry band of reindeer take an exhausting trek around the world, distributing gifts, goodies and hoping to make everyone’s holiday wishes... Learn More

    Why customers will no longer tolerate outages like those at Delta, Cisco and Verizon

    In recent weeks, we’ve seen several IT failures that left thousands of customers frustrated across the country. First,Cisco Webex experienced a complete outage, and... Learn More

    Start Healthy, Stay Healthy applies to babies and technology

    For more than 80 years, one trademark has been associated with the highest customer loyalty of any consumer brand in U.S. history. Any guesses? It’s The Gerber Baby –... Learn More

    Hurricane preparedness for businesses: Post-storm steps and long-term disaster recovery plans

    The most important thing you can do for your business in the aftermath of a hurricane is stay safe. Flooding, downed trees, and other damage mean you should keep... Learn More

    Airline Outage? Pick up a pencil

    Airline outages are all too common – we’ve documented the many issues major U.S. airlines have faced on this timeline. When IT fails and airline workers can’t check... Learn More

    With a Little Help from our Friends: Sungard AS Recognizes Seven Stand-out Partners

    Fifty-one years ago, in mid-March 1967, Paul McCartney and John Lennon began writing a song they intended as a featured vocal for Beatles drummer Ringo Starr. “With a... Learn More

    Bringing Home the Bronze is as Good as Gold

    It’s been 16 years since an American woman won a speed skating medal at the Winter Olympics, but last week, Team USA brought home the Bronze in the Long Track Relay. Bronze... Learn More

    The Three Biggest IT Challenges Healthcare has to Solve

    There are three major challenges in healthcare IT today, and you’re likely contending with at least one, if not all of them. Learn More

    Airlines’ websites and apps often fail. Yet 84 percent of American travelers may rely on them during the travel process

    By Joseph George You can’t check in for your flight on the airline’s app. The website won’t let you buy the plane ticket you wanted. The app can’t tell you whether... Learn More

    What’s the bigger business risk: Cyber security threats or hurricanes?

    by Joseph George What could potentially cause more damage to your business? A hurricane or a cyber attack? If you said the latter, you’re in good company. Even after... Learn More


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