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    Business Continuity Vs Disaster Recovery Or Both?

    Disruption Planning with Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Planning for business disruption is not a simple task and it is often easy to adopt the attitude that... Learn More

    Hurricanes and Hackers and Botnets, Oh My!

    The month of May is all about moms and grads, a time to celebrate the coming of summer and the end of the school year. Flowers are blooming, the last frost of winter has... Learn More

    A Guide to Business Continuity Planning

    By Sungard AS "Expect the unexpected" is a phrase often uttered in business circles, but how does a company actually put this philosophy into practice? Many... Learn More

    Airline Outages are a Lesson for All Businesses When It Comes To IT Disaster Recovery Plans

    Another week, another airline has a critical information system go down, stranding thousands of travellers and making a big splash in the news. If you think these... Learn More

    Just How Important is Having a Cloud Data Recovery Plan in Place?

    By Sungard AS Disaster can strike no matter how well prepared a business is and so it's important for companies to have well-thought out recovery plans. The cloud has... Learn More

    Challenges in Business Continuity Management and how to overcome them

    In an ideal world, your business would rise effortlessly to the pinnacle of its industry, wowing clients and customers alike. In reality, no business, no matter how... Learn More

    How To Select The Best Partner For Your Business Continuity Plan - Part 1

    By Sungard AS So how do you go about picking the best partner to develop a robust business continuity plan? Developing a robust business continuity plan There are ten... Learn More

    How To Select The Best Partner For Your Business Continuity Plan - Part 2

    By Sungard AS If you need help picking the best partner to develop a robust business continuity plan, you need to ask some serious questions. We have a "top 10" list... Learn More

    Ever Try To Turn Your Business Continuity Management Program On Its Head?

    By Sungard AS We do a business impact analysis. We identify risks. We put in place a business continuity management program. Presto chango, we achieve comprehensive ... Learn More

    5 Data Recovery Plan Considerations

    By Sungard AS As an individual, you know you're living in a digital age when you're more concerned about crashing your computer than crashing your car. For businesses,... Learn More

    Moving To Tiered Backup And Recovery In Five Steps

    By Sungard AS Not all applications and data are the same, and this has implications for tiered backup and recovery. In terms of backup, many organizations default to... Learn More

    4 Secrets For Picking The Best Business Continuity Disaster Recovery (BC/DR) Solution For Your Business

    By Sungard AS Business continuity and disaster recovery (BC/DR) solutions are many and varied. Which one is right for your company? Your Board of Directors is... Learn More


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