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    Sungard AS Blog | BUSINESS RESILIENCE (3)

    Age is only a number, especially for mainframes

    The first commercial mainframe computer was introduced in 1951. That makes the mainframe roughly the same age as actor Mark Hamill, rock star Sting,... Learn More

    Top cybersecurity and operational resilience challenges in 2020

    Nasty new ransomware tactics. SIMjacking. Increased attacks on government and healthcare organizations. Learn More

    Cabot Financial Services: Listening is key to best-fit approach

    When coming up with a plan for driving down personal debt, there are many strategies for keeping tabs on your loans, paying them back faster and staying on track. And for... Learn More

    How to Hire for Operational Resilience

    How do you hire the best people to help your organization be more resilient? What are the qualities and skills to look for in job candidates? Here's one... Learn More

    The Next Best Thing to Being There: Virtual Sports

    In 1965, AT&T launched a memorable ad campaign about the importance of keeping in touch via long distance. Their award-winning tagline was "It's the next... Learn More

    When IT Comes to IT Migrations and Infrastructure Resilience, Teamwork Counts

    When you think of great teamwork, what comes to mind? Perhaps The Beatles (John, Paul, George & Ringo are pretty hard to beat)? Or the Miracle on Ice (the 1980... Learn More

    Are You in Denial About Your Enterprise’s Need for Resilience?

    By James A. Martin In a survey conducted for Sungard AS earlier this year, 500 U.S. C-suite executives were asked about their enterprise’s resilience. The results may... Learn More

    A 5 Step Plan to Organizational Resilience

    We often think of "organizational resilience" in the context of threats and hazards such as floods, fires, cyberattacks, hurricanes etc. However, being... Learn More

    The Toll Cyberattacks and Other Crises Take on CISOs

    By James A. Martin You don't need to look far to witness the toll that cyberattacks, natural disasters, and other crises take on enterprises. One example is Marriott... Learn More

    Avoiding a Supply Chain Disaster: What You Need to Know

    When it comes to avoiding the potential profit losses and pitfalls associated with natural disasters, power outages, cyberattacks, or other unforeseen disturbances,... Learn More

    Resilience vs Reliability: Are We Measuring the Right Things for Our Electric Power?

    On 9 August 2019 the UK felt the impacts of what was described by National Grid as an "incredibly rare" event. The impacts were immediate: homes were plunged into darkness,... Learn More

    The 4 Most Important Traits of Resilient Business Leaders

    One of the keys to a resilient business is great leadership. Whether your business faces a crisis like a cyberattack, a battle for market share with increasingly... Learn More


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