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    Maximize Recovery Confidence with DRaaS

    In the event of a disaster, can you confidently tell your customers, executives, and stakeholders how long it will take for you to bring your systems back up?

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    What happens when risk becomes reality? Can you confidently tell your customers, executives, and stakeholders how long it will take for you to bring your systems back up in the event of a disaster?

    These are questions that organizations of all sizes and within all industries are asking themselves and, for many, the answer is, “I don’t know.”


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    When it comes to your disaster recovery plan have you accounted for:

    • Competing recovery objectives?
    • Hybrid IT complexities?
    • Differing recovery strategies for malware and ransomware attacks vs. "traditional disasters"?

    Did You Know?

    0% of organizations have either no disaster recovery plan or an inadequate one1
    0% of businesses feel that they have inadequate disaster recovery resources2
    0% of businesses with a DR solution in place fully recover operations after an unintended disruption3

    How can the right DRaaS partner put you on the path for consistent successful recovery results?

    It starts with knowing that you have the right technology, processes, and people in place to support your hybrid recovery IT landscape, no matter the cause of downtime and no matter where your workloads live.

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    2 TechRepbulic Oct 2018,


    4 Steps to Achieve Recovery Confidence with Sungard AS' Cloud Recovery Solutions

    Globally, Sungard AS helps companies maintain the highest level of business resilience and continuity. Enabling clients to rapidly restore disrupted resources, optimize availability and elevate their customer’s experience and brand confidence.

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    1. You’ve got the right team in place

    Having a knowledgeable and available team ready to execute your DR plan is the first step, and while a centralized IT team can seem economical, having your recovery team located within the same geography could prove logistically problematic in the event of a regional disaster.

    Sungard AS’ Cloud Recovery experts are geographically dispersed around the world, so no matter where disaster strikes, our team is available all day, every day.

    2. You’ve tiered your applications

    The best way to maximize your disaster recovery investment is to organize and prioritize your applications in order of their impact on the business and in which order they should be recovered. Many organizations follow a three-tier methodology:
    Instead of fitting your entire recovery plan into a “one-size fits all” approach that may prove too much or too little for your needs, Sungard AS provides tiered recovery solutions to fit your RTOs, SLAs, Budget and Risk Tolerance.

    3. You’ve designed a hybrid recovery strategy

    IT landscapes span well beyond the primary data center and your recovery strategy must account for both physical and virtual environments, no matter where those distributed workloads reside. You need to have the resources and capabilities to consistently execute on your plan efficiently and effectively, regardless the level of complexity.

    Sungard AS Cloud Recovery’s tiered orchestrated recovery approach reduces conflict and automates the recovery of both physical and virtual platforms based on length of time to recover the application, its impact on revenue and any interdependent applications.

    4. You’re testing regularly

    The ongoing platform and configuration changes in your production environment must be reflected in your recovery landscape for your DR plan to be successful. A single configuration change or additional server can impact your recovery plan significantly, putting your data and your application availability in jeopardy. Testing is the time to make mistakes and to discover how you can improve the RTO you promised to the business.

    All of Sungard AS’ Cloud Recovery solutions include annual testing with options to test monthly. We provide SLA backed RTOs based on your fully recovered and validated environment — not just the infrastructure.

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