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    IDG Presents: 5 Principles of Cloud-Enabled Transformation

    In today’s digital world, business must adapt to a wide range of internal and external forces.

    An often-paraphrased saying goes as follows: “The survival of the fittest is the ageless law of business, but the fittest are rarely the strongest. The fittest are those endowed with the qualifications for adaptation, the ability to accept the inevitable and conform to the unavoidable, to harmonize with existing or changing conditions.”

    In today’s digital world, adaptation can take many forms, whether that’s change from: external forces such as the pandemic, increasing customer demands for a better experience, financial impact of moving from CapEx to OpEx, mergers and acquisition, competitive forces, or cyber threats and/or unplanned events. Join experts from Sungard Availability Services and IDG as they explore the 5 principles of a successful cloud-enabled transformation.

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