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    Storage as a Service

    Storage as a Service brings a standardized solution with the technology, performance, management and commercial flexibility to simplify data storage for your hybrid IT.

    What is Storage as a Service?

    Organizations are facing spiraling data growth, performance issues, ongoing management burden, and escalating unbudgeted costs to stay ahead of the storage demands of the business.

    All of this means that enterprises can face tough choices when it comes to addressing these challenges. From having to re-purpose budget, to re-assigning staff to resolve problems, it can lead to projects being delayed and losing business to the competition.

    With Sungard AS Storage as a Service, you get the flexibility to scale your storage capacity up and down, with the comfort of always having predictable monthly costs, driven by standard per TB pricing. It offers a simple, fully managed, cost effective, opex driven, flexible experience for your data storage in Sungard AS’ connected infrastructure hubs to support your hybrid IT storage needs.

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    Cloud users are not doing all they can to optimize costs – it is estimated they waste 30% of their cloud spend*.  Our experts can help minimize this waste with our new flexible contracting, consumption, and managed services models.   

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    *Source: Flexera 2020 State of the Cloud Report