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    Enabling equality: Sungard AS celebrates international women's day 2020

    As different as they were, Katherine Johnson, Hedy Lamarr, Rear Admiral Grace Murray Hopper and Ada Lovelace all had one thing in common. The NASA... Learn More

    Which emerging technologies will impact your business in 2020?

    By James A. Martin The 2020 CES conference provided a peek at what the near future might look like, provided you’re on board with robotic pets, smart deadbolts and... Learn More

    Get the most out of your AWS cloud spend by customizing your environment

    Once you get started in Amazon Web Services (AWS), it’s time to customize. Learn More

    Creating a Multi-cloud Strategy: API Management and Application Refactoring

    When pursuing a multi-cloud strategy, you're turning nearly all your infrastructure into code. Doing so requires that you build a strong repository for... Learn More

    Top cybersecurity and operational resilience challenges in 2020

    Nasty new ransomware tactics. SIMjacking. Increased attacks on government and healthcare organizations. Learn More

    How businesses can prepare for the coronavirus

    By John Beattie The coronavirus outbreak continues to reach new milestones, the New York Times reports, disrupting businesses across the globe. Apple, Starbucks and... Learn More

    Cabot Financial Services: Listening is key to best-fit approach

    When coming up with a plan for driving down personal debt, there are many strategies for keeping tabs on your loans, paying them back faster and staying on track. And for... Learn More

    How to Hire for Operational Resilience

    How do you hire the best people to help your organization be more resilient? What are the qualities and skills to look for in job candidates? Here's one... Learn More

    Tech Cartoons: 5 of Our Most Popular IT Resilience Funnies From 2019

    What was the year in IT resilience like? Our most popular cartoons from 2019 offered an interesting window into what topics resonated most with IT... Learn More

    The Next Best Thing to Being There: Virtual Sports

    In 1965, AT&T launched a memorable ad campaign about the importance of keeping in touch via long distance. Their award-winning tagline was "It's the next... Learn More

    IT Agility Cartoon: The Right Way to Train Your Employees to Be Agile

    Digital transformation has changed the game, and it's forcing organizations to change the way they work and do business. Gone are the days when the... Learn More

    AI in Disaster Recovery: 3 Ways Companies Set Themselves up for Success

    Companies are turning to artificial intelligence (AI) as part of their disaster recovery (DR) and business continuity (BC) plans. With AI, organizations... Learn More


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